Monday, 6 October 2008


Fashion designer - Mrs Osikoya - Damlot Nigeria Limited
Professional in Aso oke/damask etc
14 Daddy aladja street , Oke Arin Lagos
08033049396, 01-4828187, 01-7637044

Traditional attire

Typical nigerian traditional weddings takes off the day to showcase african culture. Materials like
Aso-oke, george, lace, damask, velvet, indian wrapper, akwu-ette amongst others are often used.
For yoruba weddings, there are several types of aso-oke like etu - stripped, sanyan, alaari, eya, takunsi, damask, kente-oke, silk and cotton fabric aso oke. Mostly hand wooven, it takes a lot of time to weave a strap and you cant imagine how many you need to make a full attire.
For ladies, you could just have the headgear and shoulder gear while you dress up in Lace iro and buba OR you could go all the way in ofi as seen in my the photos above.
Nowadays, Aso Oke is often printed with symbols called Adinkra and I tell you, its lovely and different from the usual stripped pattern.
Colours: This is very important. Here is a link to guide you
There are several vendors in the market today, but you have to be extra careful on your choice.
Things to consider while vendor shopping are
Schedule: How busy is this vendor? While surfing for vendors for my client, I was gladly informed by people that, you need to tell busy vendors that your wedding is in June whereas in actual sense it is in September. This is to avoid the word 'disappointment' and save you the stress of running about.
Concept/design: Please take time to look at past work of that vendor both pictures and real fabric made. Dont just be carried away by pictures. Look out for creativity and concept, ask questions before deciding.
Cost: Most aso oke cost around 30-100K depending on your style. Look for a vendor that will deliver good quality at a reasonable price.You should be very sure of his/her professionalism before making any commitments
No matter the material your tradition demands, your style, colour, find great ideas and tips to make you look sensational on your day. Few of the vendors I have worked with are:

-Mrs Osikoya of Damlot Limited. Professional. She will support you all the way into the right choice of fabric and colour. Good concept.

---Others are Bisbod aso oke etc

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