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Honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion'.
Indeed it is the first part of the 'marriage enjoyment' thing...U know.
Some people enjoy it and some don't..depending on your taste and the money in your pocket.
You cant imagine spending a lot of money organising a classy,tasty,mind buggling wedding and your honeymoon is nothing to write home about.
For African...I mean Naija proper people....Some people prefer spending their most treasured first time together in places like:
Carribean, Florida, Dubai, Mexico, Europe to mention a few....

I was just wondering
1. The amount of money it will cost considering visa, travel ticket, tour trips, hotel accomodation etc. Humm, thats loads of money
2. Aside that, for those who cant survive for too long without proper african delicacies like the taste of iyan and efo elegusi with eran is so hard to get buka along the road in places like

Well, while considering the perfect place for my client, I discovered that Africa is indeed blessed.
Kenya amongst other african country is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Africa.
If you've not been there, pls try it. The areas are Mombasa and Nairobi
- The hotels are fantastic with international standard
- Tours like
- Gedi tours, feeding the girraffe, snorkelling with dolphins, crocodile hunt,
- Fantastic safari with opportunity to see the wildest animals (lion, elephant etc) and view the best of nature
-Lovely beach site
- Dinner cruise on the Indian ocean....humm lovely
- The prices are affordable, imagine the visa only cost 5K or so and it takes like 1-2 weeks and its out
- Trust me, you have ranges of food including agidi not chicken palata.

Other honeymooning safari are Tanzania, Uganda, Egypt and Mozambique. I heard Sao Tome is cool too. And if you cant afford all these, Obudu cattle range is in Naija
Anyway, I recently came across an international agent - Reality Vacation Innovation RVI in Naija. They are into vacation and honeymoon. They offer support in all sphere, organise your trip and you also get good discounts as well. Their packages are good. Their vacation resorts are across the 8 continents and you can be sure that wherever you want to go...RVI will sort you out.

Should you require more information on me on my mail and I will download their details FOC
pls lets tour round Africa and see Gods wonderful work in display.
Few tips for those seriously considering where to go.....

  • KENYA (Wild life, reserves & Safaris) Opportunity to have a taste of lions, buffalo meat and even crocodile at the Carnivore restaurant, Good Hotels, Snorkeling with dolphins. Natural beach
  • DUBAI (Shopping moon rather than honeymoon) Opportunity to shop or sight see things you wish you can buy. Increased your taste for gold. Stay in 5-7 star hotel, Camel riding
  • TANZANIA, EGYPT (Mountaineering, Adventure)
    Like to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or like to see the history of biblical pyramids and caves
  • CARIBBEAN (Beaches and tanning)
    brilliant sunsets admired from white sand beaches and moonlit strolls along the water
  • EUROPE (European coastline and historical architecture)
    romance, nostalgia, and historical roots in French & English tradition
  • LAS VEGAS (Bubbling for the big ones)
    Lighted strips and casino gambling
  • NIGERIA (Just wish to stay in your country)
    Whispering palms in Badagry, Obudu Cattle range and Jos national Museum, a zoo and the Traditional Nigerian Architectural Museum or enjoy a bit of Lagos traffic


1. Wedding website design from the UK

2. Groom Jean Yves Designer Black Mandarin Tuxedo SUIT by SUIT WORLD USA

3. Groom accessories - Tuxedo shoe, hat package, suspenders, studs & gold trim cufflinks

4. Groom MEN Turquoise blue vest with Laguna Beach tie from SUIT WORLD USA

5. Groom & Bride’s Engagement/Traditional attire by MRS OSIKOYA
08059549855, 08033049396

6. Brides dress and accessories (veil, combs, jewelry, shoe) from DAVIDS BRIDAL USA

7. Bridesmaid’s jewelry, sandal and accessories from USA

8. Bridesmaid’s attire and head piece from BEE GEE BRIDALS

9. Brides bouquet, flowers, and bolero from BEE GEE BRIDALS

10. Bride’s Make-up and dress fittings by BANKE MESHIDA LAWAL

11. Wedding Photographer by PHOTONIMI

12. Hall & Church decoration by MRS E.A Faloye 08023191890, 01-8950113

13. Engagement & Wedding Catering by Lady Mag. 08035251395
14. Small Chops and assorted drinks by Baba Shosho 08023335978
15. Drinks by Coca-Cola Ikeja Nig

16. Cake designer by MRS ADEEKO 08029098138, 01-8179116

17. Band by Faith BAND 08033133203
18. MC by T-LAFF 07028253018
19. Rings by Babington jewelers 08023130332
20. Videography by Mr. Femi 08033336783
21. Wedding planning and event co-ordination BY SEUN AKINYEMI (


Most couple now rehearse their first wedding dance and you cant imagine orisirisi efisi and steps you see. It is always fun and sets the scene for a memorable day.Thats the only time the couple has the priviledge to dance publicly while others watch. Some people dont give a damn and just bore people with their apala dance step with no rythm...

Bunmi and tolu wedding dance part 2

View this wedding dance with Micheal Jackson efisi

Na wa o, I beg I wan marry, view this, lovely

Few nigerian wedding songs are as follows
Olo mi - Tosin Martins
Oruka - Sunny Nneji
If I aint got you - Alicia Keys
Because you loved me – Celine Dion
Power of love – Celine Dion
When I fall in love – Celine Dion
Cant help falling in love with you – Elvis Presley
Everything I do – Bryan Adams
I finally found someone – Barbara Streisand/ Bryan Adams
Suddenly – Billy Ocean
Here and Now – Luther Vandross
Could I have this dance – Anne Murray
Always - Luther Vandross
Endless love – Luther Vandross
Unforgettable – Nat Cole/ Natalie Cole
I swear – All-4-One
Always – Atlantic Starr
All my life – K-CI & Jo Jo
Lost Without you -Robin Thicke
Ribbon in the sky - Stevie wonder
Spend my life with you -Eric Benet
At last - Etta James(this is an oldie but it's a classic)
From this moment- Shania Twain
Banky W – Till My Dying Day
Moyege, Hallelujah Moyege
African Queen – Tu Face
Mbiri – Oliver de Coque
Olufunmi – Styl Plus
Love me jeje, Love me tender – Seyi Sodimu
Imagine That – Styl Plus .....'I cant imagine someone playing this for a wedding'
From This Moment – Shania Twain

Well for more songs for different reasons like Recessional music etc, pls view

If you have any good videos, pls send to me via e-mail

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This is the in-thing now o. Except you want to injure your self and work ur self up. Imagine you have to sort out catering, photography, video, get the hall, your dress, your bridal train and the list goes on and on..... how do you cope. The answer is as a New bride to be or Groom, pamper yourself before your day and get the run and take your orders.
There are so many wedding planners in town now. Infact my little sister told me that she also wants to join the You can decide to be the chief organiser or planner for your wedding but ensure you delegate task to your friends....if you have friends who dont have a job..u know
Some planners are expensive while some are just there. But what do you look out for?
If you ask me...I dont know myself. I think the most important thing is to know how organised the person is in dealing with your enquiries. Your planner should be well spoken and be able to negotiate well esp. in this our naija. Must have good taste and have loads of contacts. Must have be ready to see to your demands and calm you down when necessary. Trust is also key.

I am a wedding planner and I am as free as a bird. I give advice to new couple and also assist in getting vendors that suits your purse. I actually organised this wedding - Bunmi&Tolu

Meanwhile, in the midst of your many consideration.. you can also view these links or buy a wedding planner.

Your wedding planner/event co-ordinator determines on how the day will look. Be sure to get the right person with reasonable price. Ask me via my mail if you ever need help.

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Fashion designer - Mrs Osikoya - Damlot Nigeria Limited
Professional in Aso oke/damask etc
14 Daddy aladja street , Oke Arin Lagos
08033049396, 01-4828187, 01-7637044

Traditional attire

Typical nigerian traditional weddings takes off the day to showcase african culture. Materials like
Aso-oke, george, lace, damask, velvet, indian wrapper, akwu-ette amongst others are often used.
For yoruba weddings, there are several types of aso-oke like etu - stripped, sanyan, alaari, eya, takunsi, damask, kente-oke, silk and cotton fabric aso oke. Mostly hand wooven, it takes a lot of time to weave a strap and you cant imagine how many you need to make a full attire.
For ladies, you could just have the headgear and shoulder gear while you dress up in Lace iro and buba OR you could go all the way in ofi as seen in my the photos above.
Nowadays, Aso Oke is often printed with symbols called Adinkra and I tell you, its lovely and different from the usual stripped pattern.
Colours: This is very important. Here is a link to guide you
There are several vendors in the market today, but you have to be extra careful on your choice.
Things to consider while vendor shopping are
Schedule: How busy is this vendor? While surfing for vendors for my client, I was gladly informed by people that, you need to tell busy vendors that your wedding is in June whereas in actual sense it is in September. This is to avoid the word 'disappointment' and save you the stress of running about.
Concept/design: Please take time to look at past work of that vendor both pictures and real fabric made. Dont just be carried away by pictures. Look out for creativity and concept, ask questions before deciding.
Cost: Most aso oke cost around 30-100K depending on your style. Look for a vendor that will deliver good quality at a reasonable price.You should be very sure of his/her professionalism before making any commitments
No matter the material your tradition demands, your style, colour, find great ideas and tips to make you look sensational on your day. Few of the vendors I have worked with are:

-Mrs Osikoya of Damlot Limited. Professional. She will support you all the way into the right choice of fabric and colour. Good concept.

---Others are Bisbod aso oke etc